Praise for ‘awsome’ Pontefract

I THINK people should stop moaning about Pontefract because I love living here.

I live near most of my friends but some live in other places and they are missing out big time!

Where I live is awesome because I have Pontefract Park on my doorstep and I go there a lot.

Pontefract has a swimming pool which is literally five minutes away, I go to a swimming club there every week and my school goes there for our swimming lessons too.

In Pontefract, the town centre is always very busy and I love to go shopping there.

One thing that I really like is the library because every summer holidays they put on a reading challenge which I enter, and they have some cool books to read, the town also has great events like liquorice fair.

My school, Halfpenny Lane, is ace. I go to a lot of after school clubs, I go to dancing, performing arts and football.

Another good point about Pontefract is that it’s only an hour down the motorway to get to the coast whereas for my friends in Birmingham it is twice that time for them.

Pontefract is also near Leeds so I go there sometimes as well to cool places like the Royal Armouries. Xscape is quite near to us also, and I go to the cinema and nice restaurants as well.

I saved the best for last which is that all the people in Pontefract are very, very, nice and you can rely on them to help you and they will never tell your secrets.


Banks Mount