Praise for fire crews who battled Ferrybridge Power Station blaze

Fire - Ferrybridge Power Station. (W542P430) Picture by Jake Oakley
Fire - Ferrybridge Power Station. (W542P430) Picture by Jake Oakley

Fire crews who dealt with yesterday’s huge blaze at Ferrybridge Power Station have been praised for their efforts.

At its height, around 75 firefighters from 15 stations across West Yorkshire tackled 100m high flames coming from a tower, which is used to produce gypsum plasterboard - a bi-product from the power industry.

The blaze, which saw plumes of smoke billow across the Five Towns, has caused the partial collapse of a tower at the plant.

Steve Beckley, deputy chief fire officer for West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and incident commander at Ferrybridge, said: “I would like to praise our crews for their rapid actions in dealing with the fire safely and effectively. “Their knowledge of the site, gained from extensive planning and training, ensured the fire did not spread to surrounding buildings and there were no injuries.

“I must also commend power station management and staff who were incredibly efficient and enabled our crews to deal with the incident effectively.

“We worked well with police and ambulance and, all in all, it was a successful multi-agency effort.”