Pressing for station plan

MR Mackie and Mr Houlder (Express letters January 19) both refer in different ways to the connection (or lack of it) between buses and trains at Monkhill station.

When the civic society first put its plan forward for the bridging of Monkhill Lane, evidence given by Metro suggested that there were only three options for the improvement of connectivity.

The first was a local shuttle bus between the town, outlying areas and the station (Mr Houlder’s view) but this was rejected on grounds of not being cost-effective.

The second was to reroute the present Ferrybridge services up to the station and back again, while following the same route to Ferrybridge via Mill Dam.

This was judged a wasteful and clumsy manoeuvre that would be unacceptable to the bus companies.

The third was the civic society’s solution which involves the bridging of Monkhill Lane and using present services to pass the station on a through route.

This was the only solution that was judged to be practicable. It is true, as Mr Mackie says, that the present bus stops in Mill Dam could be regarded as stops for the station, but they are not nearly so good as stops outside the station would be, especially for the disabled.

It is important, however, to realise that the society’s plan is three-fold: it gives solutions for public transport connectivity, the isolation caused by the cul-de-sac and traffic circulation, which will get worse in that area as new developments come onstream. This is why we continue to press for this solution.


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Pontefract Civic Society