Procedures must change

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FURTHER to the letter from Mr Mattocks (Express, September 29) supporting the view of Eric Jackson that a significant majority vote of 135 in favour of a town council is not democratic enough to be accepted as a major decision of the people, I put the same question to him as I put to Mr Jackson – what does he consider to be an acceptable majority, or why does he consider 135 majority in favour as not acceptable as democratic?

It is true I visited Mr Mattocks at his home in response to an earlier letter he wrote. I listened to Mr and Mrs Mattocks and expressed sympathy over the plight of his sister’s circumstances. The principle matter was raised with some vigour at a meeting of the Community Partnership, with an officer present. It was accepted that individual cases could not be dealt with in such a forum. Following the meeting promises were made and assurances given that Mr Mattocks’ sister would be contacted again concerning her circumstances.

It is sad to learn these promises were not carried out. This is not an isolated case where promises made by authority officials have not been carried out, there are other cases.

It is because of this negative attitude to the provision of services to people and communities by certain people in authority that I consider a council of elected local people serving Pontefract is essential if quality of life is to be maintained and improved.

I say once again to Mr Mattocks if he is sincere and wishes to help his sister then the current procedure must be changed.


Ferrybridge Road