‘Promise me our prehistoric camp will be protected from HS2 route’

Paul Maynard MP.
Paul Maynard MP.

calls have been made for a prehistoric settlement to be protected from a high speed rail network.

Matthew Thomas, a member of the Yorkshire Party, who lives in the area, wants HS2 minister Paul Maynard to guarantee that South Kirkby Camp, which dates back to the Iron Age, will not be impacted by the route.

Maps indicating the location of the railway show the track passing through the west of South Kirkby, close to the site.

In a letter responding to heritage concerns raised by Mr Thomas, Mr Maynard said: “The preferred route in the South Kirkby area is not finalised, and more information will become available as detailed design progresses

“I can confirm that HS2 Ltd and the Department for Transport will continue to work closely with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and Historic England to avoid and mitigate impacts on historic sites across the route.”

But Mr Thomas has called for a promise the site, which is on Historic England’s ‘Heriage at Risk’ register, will be protected.

He said: “Historic England have made it crystal clear that the site is important and needs protection.

“Therefore, with that in mind, wouldn’t it be easier for Paul Maynard and the Department for Transport to simply make a promise to the people of South Kirkby that the finalised route will not at all impact on the monument?

“After all, if the route through South Kirkby is not finalised this should be a very easy promise to make.”