Proportionate Sentencing

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HAVING watched the violent, destructive and disgusting actions over the rioting period, I believe that the courts should hand out tough sentences to the people found guilty.

However, is it a case of a persons position, privilege, money and the old boy network that counts for the sentence they receive? We look at individuals who have been sentenced for pinching a bottle of water or receiving an item of stolen property, yet the public can sit at home and listen to stories of MPs stealing. They steal thousands of pounds from taxpayers on their expenses claims, yet only get a slap on the wrist and are allowed to carry on running this country and our lives.

Some of the rioters could be categorised as being caught up in this period through a lack of judgement due to their ages, but most were old enough to have better judgement, as were our MPs.

Fitting the punishment to the crime should be equal to the law; not by position, privilege, money or the old boy network working in one’s favour.

My sincere sympathies go out to the police and members of the public for their injuries and loss of lives and property.


Little Lane