Public services ‘hold us together’

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I WONDER by the time the cold winds of this recession have swept over this country what will be left of our public services?

The cutbacks that are being implemented are proving to be too severe, we know there have to be cuts but why does it always go from one extreme to another?

The politicians were warned not to cut too fast but would they listen? No they did not, and in the meantime all our services are being systematically destroyed.

The public services are the glue which holds our communitites together and we will all feel the results of the Tories’ cuts – the reductions will not affect the wealthy because they don’t ever use them.

Here in the Five Towns we are experiencing it first hand, the hospital being reduced to a clinic, the court house being shut down and now we are to be consulted on the proposed closure at night of the police station in Pontefract.

Consulted, that’s a laugh, you remember like we were consulted over the hospital. They don’t care what we have to say, they had already made their minds up, the unelected accountants and bean counters are running the show now.

Not only will we have a part time A&E but now we are going to have daytime coppers, all we need now is for the fire station to shut at night and we will have completed the full set.


North Baileygate