Queen’s award to doctor

Richard Sloane
Richard Sloane
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A DEDICATED doctor has been awarded an MBE for providing years of healthcare service to the Airedale community.

Richard Sloan, who joined family surgery Tieve Tara on Parkdale 33 years ago, travelled to Buckingham Palace last week to receive his honour from the Queen.

The long-serving Castleford doctor – who already has a string of initials after his name including MB, BS, BSc, PhD and FRCGP – said the experience was “mind-blowing”.

He said: “It was a wonderful experience – the Royal College of General Practitioners set us up with a limousine from our hotel to the palace, people thought it was at least a knighthood arriving and were taking photographs.

“One of the greatest things was meeting other MBEs, I felt I didn’t deserve it when I heard what they had done.

“When I was with the Queen I thought, ‘I wish my parents were here’. But I’ll never get over the experience – it was brilliant.”

The 66-year-old – who retired as a GP in 2005 – was nominated for his award by patients, fellow doctors, the Primary Care Trust (PCT) and the Yorkshire Deanery.

He said: “My patients and colleagues are the ones that gave this to me so I want to thank everyone. I’m very grateful to all who put me forward for the honour.”

Dr Sloan, a graduate of the University of London, completed his medical studies in 1976 and started working at Tieve Tara – founded in 1923 by his parents, doctors George and Gerda Sloan – in 1978.

He retired from the PCT as an education advisor last year.