Readers give their views after Castleford named “worst place to live”

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Express readers have rubbished a report which named Castleford and Wakefield as the worst places to live in the country

They spoke out after the district was ranked bottom place in The 2015 Good Growth for Cities Index, an annual report which measures the performance of the UK’s largest cities.

The report was based on research by accountancy firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) and the think-tank Demos.

John Hughes said: “I would not swap living in Castleford for anywhere else. House prices are reasonable, Castleford schools are performing good. Transport links are very good and it’s in easy reach of rail road and bus links.

“The town is at the crossroads of the country with two north south motorways and one east west motorway on our doorstep. Xscape is one of the most visited attraction in the country. Junction 32 Shopping Village is also on our doorstep.

“What have PWC been assessing Castleford on - highly paid consultants coming out with garbage like this.”

Claire Williamson said: “We in these areas have survived the loss of the tailoring industries, the glass industry, the coal mining industry and almost a large part of the coal fired power industry yet we are still standing firm.”

Katy Hull said: “I am sure there are much more prestigious places to live but you can take those with this study and the short-term damaging view of the person who penned this drivel and take a long walk around a few of these homes. Knock on a few doors and I can assure you these people will turn cartwheels to help.”

Jodie McArdle said: “What rubbish - Wakefield folk are awesome and friendly.”

Heather Bartle said: “Wakefield is a surprising place, just look beyond your blinkers.”

James Skilton said: “I really like Wakefield. I think it’s a nice friendly city with lots of potential for development. There are some lovely areas not far from the city centre like Pugney’s Country Park and Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I wish they hadn’t have got rid of the old large Market though, it was one of the best around. I live in Leicester now, which in my opinion is a much worse place to live, especially the traffic and the crime.”