Readers’ reaction: Christmas music - how soon is too soon?

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There’s no getting away from it - Christmas is pretty much on the doorstep!

But does it bother you that some shops start playing Christmas music in November? Or, in some cases, even October?

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Here’s what you said:

Brenda Dobson said: “Visited Homebase in Wakefield today, Christmas music playing. Apparently they started with theirs yesterday! Far too early.”

Paul Walton added: “If they absolutely have to, late November at the very earliest.”

Paul Mitchell suggested: “24th of December!”

Christopher Hudson said: “Not until after Bonfire Night. It’s been christmas at Meadowhall for months. All the hype puts folks off.”

Netty Young said: “I shop early and avoid the Christmas music, it’s so depressing plus they usually inflate the prices nearer Christmas.”

Katryn Wood suggested: “December 1st at the very earliest. Kick Christmas back in to December.”

Rebecca Rollin said: “The whole stores layout is to get you to spend money so it’s no surprise really.”

William Best: “It will soon be 24/7 at 352 days a year, all year round Xmas shopping.”

Anne Brook said: “Definitely should not be until after the 11th of the 11th out of respect.”

What do you think?