Reassurances from cancer fund

THE Dr Jackson Cancer Fund is a long established charity in the Pontefract district and surrounding area and many fundraising events have been advertised, promoted and reported through the Pontefract and Castleford Express.

In recent weeks, the Dr Jackson office and the trustees have responded to telephone calls and correspondence from supporters and members of the public who have been concerned about the much-publicised financial pressures currently being addressed by the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Trust, the implications for cancer services and the complimentary work of the charity.

Some have linked the transfer of services from Pontefract to Wakefield and the subsequent closure of the Dr Jackson ward with the demise of the similarly named Dr Jackson Cancer Fund.

Others worry that their continued financial support of the charity will no longer benefit the residents of Pontefract and the local area.

The trustees would like to reassure friends and supporters that the charity is not a political organisation and has not been involved in decisions about the location of cancer services.

The trustees’ commitment is to support the development of cancer facilities for the benefit of Pontefract and district residents, even if those facilities are enjoyed by the wider population served by the Mid Yorkshire Trust.

The charity is still active and very much involved in schemes to detect and prevent cancer. The most recent fundraising campaign has seen the creation of a multi-disciplinary cancer training facility in the Mid Yorkshire Trust.

The fund has been in existence for 35 years this year and the trustees are planning a number of special fundraising events to celebrate this milestone.

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