‘Reconsider plan verdict’

WHAT has happened to common sense?

There is much national concern that out of town shopping complexes are draining the heart out of small market towns.

Any small shopkeepers who strive hard to reverse that trend deserve support and encouragement, not a slavish interpretation of so-called regulations.

The co-owners of Jolie Maison, Yvonne Holmes and Jennifer Fletcher, have worked really hard to produce a very attractive and welcoming shop which is a definite asset to the town, even winning the Countess of Rosse award last year.

They have designed a shop front of taste and style which has been admired by all who visit.

It would be so unfair if these ladies were to be penalised in spite of all their efforts to make Pontefract a pleasant town to visit.

Please reconsider your “verdict” and give them the encouragement they deserve.


Valley Road