‘Regenerate Featherstone’

TWO years have lapsed since, in response to my letter “Where was money spent” (Express, October 2009) Coun Jeffery’s ‘specific proposals’ stated Wakefield Council was committed to improving the quality of life and investment in Featherstone.

There are still residents on the Girnhill estate living in limbo. Some of the paving in the precincts has been replaced with asphalt, in the remaining area broken flags have been replaced with non-matching ones, so while safer, visually it’s a mish mash.

Green Lane link road, still no progress in over 20 years. The play area in Purston Park has been improved, but doesn’t compare with the educational adventure play area, with its colourful, springy shock absorbing floor, at Anglers Country Park in Wintersett – which is in the middle of nowhere. The grant of £50,000 would have been better spent in a place such as Purston Park, which is walking distance from housing.

Up to £630million has been spent regenerating blighted pit towns – Featherstone has seen nothing, why?

It would be interesting to see how much and where the council has spent its “spoils”.

Will we see any of the money that’s still to be spent?


Pontefract Road