Riverside energy plant anger

I WAS really surprised and disappointed to see that the proposal to put a rubbish recycling/energy plant on Wheldon Lane has come back to haunt us.

Not too long ago we formed ‘Castleford United’ and campaigned against a similar idea.

There is no way they can get the amount of traffic this will create through Castleford without disrupting the whole of the town.

Surely the councillors and officers could have told the firm proposing this and saved themselves a lot of worthless planning and public unrest.

It is strange that the other side of the Wakefield District,Leeds and Bradford can’t find a site closer to home.

But then they wouldn’t want such a thing as this ‘energy plant’ on their doorstep with all its potential pollution and traffic problems.

After all they wouldn’t want to spoil their beauty spots, parks and galleries along the river at Wakefield or anywhere across the city.

We’ve been through all this fight before but we’ll fight it again if we have to.

It is time someone came up with sensible plans for the riverside at Castleford. Oh they have! But I must have missed the bit about a riverside rubbish dump.


Princess Street