Rovers’ stadium plans

14th June 2011'Chief Exec of Feath Rovers, Simon Riley' PICTURE: MATTHEW PAGE
14th June 2011'Chief Exec of Feath Rovers, Simon Riley' PICTURE: MATTHEW PAGE

AMBITIOUS plans to redevelop Featherstone Rovers’ Big Fella’s Stadium will be on show at a special community event in the town next month.

Simon Riley, Rovers’ chief executive, said the “innovative” proposals to take the ground to the “next level” would be on display at the consultation meeting at Rovers’ clubhouse on July 6 at 7.30pm.

The event will highlight a range of plans and ask fans and residents for their views before planning applications are put forward.

Mr Riley said: “The redevelopment of the Big Fella’s Stadium will take Featherstone Rovers to the next level.

“It’s the first stage before we go into planning. We aim to open a conversation with the community, fans, business and get their views and then modify the designs accurately.

“Then subject to planning we will be getting on with things. We need to develop this stadium to have any hope of meeting criteria to get into the super league.

“We’re doing it in phases and the plan is to meet those super league requirements by the next licensing round in 2015.”

According to Mr Riley, the plans are in the early stages, though fans will see some changes by the end of next month when two new stands are installed at the Post Office Road ground.

But plans may include more than just a change to the stadium’s size and rugby league bosses hope to expand the facilities by creating sports and health hubs at the newly-developed site.

Mr Riley said: “We want to grow and utilise our assets to the best of our abilities. Longer term we want it to be a sports hub and have proper facilities for the community.

“I’m absolutely keen and passionate about that. We need to work with other organisations and business in the area and with schools and community groups, as part of this.

“It’s not for just Featherstone Rovers. We’re developing the ground to invest in the club and to continue to grow and develop better facilities for the community.”

Mr Riley said possibilities for the new development included encouraging new businesses to move in and to develop medical facilities onsite.

Mark Campbell, Rovers’ chairman, said: “I’d urge all those associated with Featherstone Rovers, whether they are supporters, sponsors, staff or volunteers to attend, as our plans will not only benefit Featherstone Rovers, but also regenerate the whole town.”