‘Sad state’ of Cas Tigers

EARLY on in the season the Express printed a letter from J Jubb regarding the sad state of Castleford Tigers.

I remember thinking at the time that it was exactly what the majority of supporters thought.

It was the best letter about the Tigers I had ever read. If you read the letter again you will find that everything he wrote has turned out to be correct.

I have supported Cas for over 50 years and there is no doubt that this is one of the lowest points in the club’s history. I go every week with five friends and before the season started every one of us predicted a bottom four finish with two predicting that we would finish bottom.

If the people in charge of the club could not see what kind of season we were going to have they should not be at the club or perhaps they could not care less.

None of us supporters know who decides what players to sign and who to release but whoever it is should be held to account and sacked.

Ian Millward our new coach was put in an impossible position with the players he was given to work with. You can’t coach donkeys to win the derby. Get your act together quickly Tigers or the club will die.


Yew Tree Park