Seats should be accessible

WOULD somebody from Wakefield Council explain why it is deemed necessary to continue blocking off the seating area on the south side of St Giles’ Church with market stalls on Wednesdays and Saturdays?

There are numerous empty stalls through out the town on both market days. Waste bins adjacent to the church are also made inaccessible. Surely the needs of the public should be considered when positioning the market stalls?

Many older and disabled people would welcome an opportunity to sit down for a rest and others would enjoy the chance to pause and watch the world go by. The available seating within the Buttercross is not easily accessible. There are steps and market stalls to be negotiated. The benches are not a convenient height for many elderly people nor do they have arm rests to assist those who are infirm to stand.

At the recent Liquorice Festival stalls were placed away from the seating areas. The town was extremely busy. People were able to enjoy the many attractions but also take a break and watch the proceedings from the comfort of the public seating. I know that there are many other older people who share this view.


Westfield Avenue