Service was a ‘disgrace’

I RECENTLY took two of my daughters to Pontefract Hospital for a 9.30pm appointment, when one of them required treatment she was referred to the A&E department where there was only one junior doctor on duty and there was a minimum waiting time of three hours. It was suggested we travel to Wakefield Pinderfields in the hope of being attended to more promptly.

On arrival at about 11pm we were informed the waiting time was at least four hours.

The department was crammed with drunks and possibly drug addicts, it was awash with vomit too and the stench was enough to make even the fit people ill. These people were there due to self inflicted problems, they should be segregated and kept until all others have received attention, preferrably in a basic shed overseen by security staff.

Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust chief executive Julie Squire should be directed to attend these departments on a regular basis at night and do something to earn her exaggerated salary.

The patients of Pontefract and surrounding areas are being treated like third rate citizens. What a disgrace,

The above happened on a Monday night, God help those attending over a weekend


Beulah Court