Sex Pistols ‘benchmark’

WHILE reading the letters’ pages (Express August 2), it was interesting to read the letter from Gloria Lancaster (‘Lennon song ‘masterpiece’).

Just to put things in context, The Sex Pistols were at the forefront of the British punk era, they and other bands like The Clash and The Jam (need I go on?), made that period of time exciting to be in.

I was part of that and also many others from Pontefract including Ian. Thank God we had bands that gave hope to so many people.

Mr J Rotten may not have an airport named after him, or a statue in Liverpool, but he and The Sex Pistols did create a bench mark for many of the bands you see today.

I salute The Sex Pistols and Mr Clayton for what he has done in all of his achievements. Good on you Ian.


Station Road