Shop thieves are appalling

ON Thursday October 20 I brought my recently widowed pensioner sister to Pontefract to let her get some Christmas shopping.

We parked the car at the side of the B&M Store and went straight in there, we were looking at some candles just inside the door and walked a little further in, when my sister realised her purse was missing, obviously stolen. It was obvious she had been targeted as we entered the store.

She had £80 in her purse that had taken a considerable amount of time to save out of a pension.

Well now, to the scum who stole it, boy your parents would be proud of you.

To the girls who were a little too close to us in the shop, maybe it was you, I don’t know.

Whoever it was I do know you should try working for a living, earning your own money, instead of stealing from a pensioner.

You should be so ashamed of yourself, but I doubt if you are, I doubt very much that you can even read.

Remember what goes around comes around and I do so hope one day you get what you truly deserve.

And to all you honest people out there doing their Christmas shopping, please be aware that there are scum like this out and about.