Singer’s big London date

w2835s809 Clubland pix - Siobhan Phillips.
w2835s809 Clubland pix - Siobhan Phillips.

local entertainer Siobhan Phillips heads to London for what could be a career changing show at a dinner/theatre venue right in the heart of London’s West End.

Siobhan, who is a great singer and fabulous comedienne, has landed the spot in a show which is organised by the biggest cruise ship entertainment company in Europe, which was staged earlier this week.

I shall be in the audience on the night, so I’ll be happy to let Siobhan’s many friends and admirers as this Normanton entertainer looks to land even more globe-trotting work.

I’m sure that Siobhan’s partner, the singer Paul Stewart, will be right behind her as she looks to impress a large contingent of American cruise ship bookers, who are said to be travelling across the Atlantic in order to check out the British talent on show.

A fantastic weekend is in prospect at Alverthorpe WMC in Wakefield with that outstanding ska and mod music band The Civilians on Saturday night.

The very funny and tuneful duo Seaside Rendezvous pop up on stage at Alverthorpe the following night and this should be an equally successful evening. Alverthorpe has to be one of the most successful clubs in the north these days.

The brilliant all-round entertainer Alistair Raines makes the short trip across from his base in Wakefield to make a Sunday night visit to Prince of Wales WMC in Pontefract.

Alistair has the potential to go much further in our business and I hope he continues to make progress.

Crigglestone WMC concert secretary Peter Makinson was in touch the other day with news of some remarkable new projects and big show nights at his club.

Peter tells me that he hopes the club’s large membership and visitors from across the area will flock to Crigg in order to show their support.

In shall be detailing all these future events in next week’s column, but in the meantime of you’re into rock ‘n roll, why not call into the club this weekend for a Saturday night visit from that great band Juke Box Jive?

I took a look at the impressive new duo Deviance just a few weeks ago.

This really is a duo to rival the likes of Rio Madness, Scandal and Oxygen, who are three of the most impressive duos I have seen lately.

Deviance can be seen on stage at Mill Lane WMC in South Kirkby on Saturday night.

Star entertainer Ricky Graham makes a welcome return to Edward VII at Allerton Bywater for a Sunday evening show. I worked with Ricky only a few weeks ago and he really is working as well as ever.

I took a look at rock act Roadhouse recently when they appeared at Alverthorpe WMC in Wakefield and I was very impressed.

These top class purveyors of commercial rock can be seen in the area again this weekend when they take the stage at Crofton WMC on Saturday night If you love your rock music, don’t miss them!

In next week’s column I will be including a report on the talent competition final which took place this week at at Westgate Common Club in Wakefield.

So, if you didn’t make it along to see the talent on show, you can read all about it right here in the Express.

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