Social media health campaign

A NEW interactive social media campaign has been launched to raise changes happening in the NHS across the Wakefield district.

The campaign, #ChangingHealth will use Twitter and Facebook to provide up-to-date information, with facts and figures on health-related topics and examples of health changes with the aim of informing and interacting with local people.

Dr Phil Earnshaw, chairman of Wakefield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) which is responsible for providing GP services, said: “We will be using Twitter and Facebook to let people know about changes and to post short messages and questions.

“Change is happening all the time – it may be difficult at the time, but in the context of health it can often lead to better results for patients. We hope local people will tell us how the treatment and care they receive now compares with ten or 20 years ago, or even longer.”

The CCG is asking anyone with an interest in health and the changes happening in the NHS to follow it at and it will be making the site interactive by asking followers a series of questions, fact or fiction quizzes and then asking for examples about how their own health care has changed over the last ten years.

There will also be the chance to win prizes and other NHS organisations and local authorities will be invited to comment and retweet Changing Health messages using the hashtag #ChangingHealth.