Solution to pet problems

WHILE reading the story about a cat being shot and the poor mum having to tell her young child that their beloved pet had died and gone to heaven (Express, July 21), I felt saddened but felt I had to write this letter.

I know exactly how this mum feels as I too had to tell my two young children this week that their beloved pet had died.

My children had two beautiful dwarf rabbits that had the run of our safe and secure garden, but this week a cat came in and killed one of the rabbits, the other is so frightened, he hasn’t eaten since.

I phoned the RSPCA to see if anything can be done about cats roaming our streets and couldn’t get to speak to anyone, however an automated message told me that cats are allowed to roam our streets freely.

I feel for cat owners that have lost their cats to poison or shooting and I do not condone it, but I do have a simple solution, don’t let your cats roam the streets fouling gardens and endangering our smaller pets.

Domestic cats can live in your homes full time and that way no harm can come to them, unlike my rabbits. I can’t keep my surviving rabbit in my own garden anymore, he now has to be kept in his hutch, that’s if he does survive.


Avon Walk