'Something else we don't need' - your reaction to convert former Market Hall into an arts centre

The new plan is to turn to former Market Hall into an arts centre.
The new plan is to turn to former Market Hall into an arts centre.

News that plans to turn the city centre's former Market Hall into a cinema have been cancelled in favour of an arts centre has been met with criticism by you, our readers.

As the Express reported earlier today, proposals for the hall, which closed down at the end of last year, received a lukewarm response as many residents wondered if another cinema was necessary. Instead, Wakefield Council now plans to use some of a £4.4 million cash pot to change the hall into an arts hub.

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Readers quickly took to our Facebook page to air their views.

Here's what they've been saying. Do you agree?

Colin Williams said: "I still think it should be listed. A monument to failure on an epic scale."

Vicky Brian said: "Why do we need an art centre- want something good for the kids."

Brynn Donnelly: "Why not just lower the rents and re-open it up as what it was designed for?"

Steven Dodson: "Just an idea, but why not make it into the market town Wakefield once was? Bring back the glory days."

Audra Smith: "Ice rink would be great. We have to travel to Doncaster or Bradford at the mo an its a nightmare."

Wendy Shaw: " We need something like Xcape in Castleford, for those that can’t drive with families. A mixture of bowling , ice skating etc, with car park behind it knocked down to make more space so a few different ventures inside as hardly anyone uses that car park anyway and there’s always the one opposite near to the hospice shop if people need to park cars near by."

Hannah Wilson: "Ice rink would be better something for all the kids to do."

Louise Adele: "I was at Leeds market last week and if you park in NCP markets car park and spend over £5 in the market, you get parking for £3.50. Bring Wakefield a market. It was great. I bought ribbon and school tights for my daughter, cod, hake and fresh strawberries and then we sat and had food. There was Indian, Turkish, world street food, great vibe, everyone shouting their prices. Really love shopping like this."

Zoe Young: "Art Centre? That wont' be appreciated in Wakefield. Should be a bowling alley or ice rink."

Kimberley Brook: OMG, another conquest we don't need. When are Wakefield Council going to accept they are the ones killing the trade in this city? About time they focused on what we need and listen to the council tax payers. Another epic fail committed and sure we will see closure within a year."

Stephen Rhodes: "What a waste of tax payers money from day one! Why not ask people what they want rather than wasting more money?"

Jacqueline Carole Scott: "It should be a market hall but redesigned so it has two floors then maybe more people would be able to use it and the rents and heating would be better managed!"

Jo Bryan: "OMG. Something else we dont need. How about kids who need something to do? And not to mention all the businesses that was in there - thrown out for nothing!

Lillian Armstrong: "Well that clarifies what will be done with it. God knows we don't need three cinemas, but what exactly is an arts centre? Could be anything and everything from a gallery to a performing area, if it's to help develop hobbies and skills fair enough but there are enough museums/galleries in Wakefield."

Juliet Perry: "Who ever is deciding what Wakefield needs is getting it so wrong. Ridings is a dead duck, it’s not the city I remember, it’s rubbish. I now go to Leeds. It’s so sad."

Lisa Maria Bomanga Lokenyo: "Something the public will use and not to spend money something people don't need then dismantle it again."

Luci Harrowell: "Art centre? That no one will use. Why not bowling or something families can make use of."

Philip Watson: "Another £4.4million for arts and craft? What about the £3million we already give the Hepworth each year, never mind the funding for the sculpture park or the original £5million the hall cost in the first place."

Jemma Bryceland: "Arts club, maybe a science museum at least something educational for our kids."

Ian Nineplan Brookes: "Live music venue."

Marilyn Parker: "A youth centre would be good with entertainment, dance, boxing etc. About time a bit of good thought went into it. Might help against metal health if youths have something to focus on."