Spark still there for diamond duo

Beryl and Barry Smith.
Beryl and Barry Smith.

A retired electrician says the spark in his marriage still exists as the happy couple celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary this week.

Barry Smith, 80, and Beryl, 81, met as young teenagers on a coach on their way back from a holiday in Blackpool in 1953 with their families.

Barry, who was from Dewsbury said: “She had beautiful black curly hair, that’s what attracted me, I think I did all the chasing.

“We went on our first date to the Pioneer cinema in Dewsbury.”

The pair were engaged in 1956 and married at South Ossett Church on April 5, 1958, before heading on their honeymoon to Great Yarmouth.

Their first home together was a rented back-to-back cottage in Dewsbury, which Barry said cost a wage-draining 75 pence a fortnight.

They moved to Thornhill, before switching to Middlestown, and then finally their bungalow in Overton where they have spent the last 24 years.

Barry worked as an electrician for most of his life, owning SB Smith Electrical on Middletown’s New Road between 1966 and 1984, while Beryl worked as a trouser machinist in Earlsheaton.

They had four children, including two boys and two girls, and now have five grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Despite retiring, and with plenty of grandchildren to spoil, they both still enjoy going to the theatre, gardening, and even DIY.

They also spend time in the sun with their daughter in Portugal The pair will celebrate with around 40 family and friends for a meal.

And the secret to their long-lasting marriage? Barry admitted: “When your wife asks you to do something, do as you’re told.”