Spooky spirit!

Pumpkin lantern carving at The Place, Airedale
Pumpkin lantern carving at The Place, Airedale

YOUNGSTERS got creative and made scary pumpkin lanterns for Ferry Fryston’s annual autumn festival on Friday.

Children and parents carved ghoulish faces to create around 60 lanterns in a special workshop at The Place at Airedale Library, which were used in the festival at The Green on Friday night.

The event was organised by Castleford Heritage Trust, as part of its Fryston Woods access and improvement project, designed to open up access to local woodland.

Paul Roberts, woodland access ranger, said: “The pumpkin carving went really well, we had about 60 children and 40 parents come down to take part.

“The festival itself started really well, there were more than 100 people who came down, but unfortunately the heavens opened and it rained solidly all night, so we had to abandon ship.”

There were prizes for the best lanterns, and the trust was supported with donations from firms D&R, Tesco and Co-op.