Staged car crash highlights road safety message

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Police and partners worked together to free a passenger from a staged car crash as part of a road safety campaign.

The demonstration saw a bike and car collision being set up in The Square, Airedale, before the fire and rescue service and police worked together to free the trapped person.

The rescuers also talked about 250 onlookers through what happens when dealing with a road traffic accident and how it is investigated afterwards. The project was aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of driving at speed and driving under the influence of alcohol.

It was organised by Airedale, Ferry Fryston and Townville Management Board, Wakefield Council’s road safety team, the Community Awareness Programme and WDH.

Mike Dixon, chairman of the board, said: “The very realistic cutting of a person out of the car by the fire service and backed up with the police presence highlighted the consequences of some of the inappropriate and irresponsible behaviour of a few drivers on our roads today.”