Station makes a ‘disgusting’ welcome

I AM totally disgusted and appalled at the shocking state of Castleford railway station.

We have just been on the Scarborough Spa Express train, which we boarded at Castleford.

On the way back the train was on the opposite line to the platform we got on at and as the footbridge can no longer be used, we had to travel all the way to Leeds so we could alight on the right platform at Castleford.

It’s not just the footbridge but the whole station is in a disgusting state of disrepair.

All the other stations we stopped at were immaculate and up-to-date (Normanton, Woodlesford and Glass Houghton) but ours at Castleford is a complete eyesore.

I think the only people who get off a train at Castleford are people who either live or work here.

It’s no wonder that nobody shops in Castleford, if that’s the state of the railway station God know what the bus station is like?

It’s about time someone got off their backsides and did something about encouraging people back in to shop in Castleford.

We have a lovely market hall that is fast going downhill because of the lack of advertising and such, there are quite a few stalls closed and one or two closing in the next few weeks.

If something isn’t done to spruce things up this lovely little town of ours will end up down the toilet.


Hunt Street