Stop blaming other people

READERS may recall that I wrote originally in April about my wife’s problem in getting a bed anywhere in the PCT area, let alone Pontefract. This is by way of an update and a few observations regarding our local MPs’ responses.

As I said at the time, my wife has a number of conditions, including cardiovascular ones. She therefore has to attend a cardiovascular clinic periodically. Two months ago her appointment was cancelled and she was requested to call to arrange a new one. Except when she rang they didn’t have any.

This process has been repeated twice now. Interestingly, the letter states that if we don’t respond within three weeks “we will automatically write to your GP making her aware of your failure to respond and advising her that you have been returned to her care.’’ What can I say?

On this occasion, she was offered an appointment at Dewsbury, which she declined. Another demonstration that the whole system is not fit for purpose.

As for the responses of our wonderful MPs: Could I point out to Jon Trickett, Yvette Cooper, Ed Balls et al, that PFI was used so that hospitals, schools and other public amenities could be produced, making Labour look good, without Gordon Brown having to go over his own stated borrowing limit of 40 per cent. (Doesn’t that sound like a joke now?).

So a private company built it and the rents the building and services to the taxpayer for the next 25 years, naming their own price. It was against this background that Ms Cooper is telling us that Balfour Beatty made promises.

That’s the equivalent of someone knocking at your door to tarmac your drive, asking for the money today and promising to come back tomorrow to actually do it. Are you going to agree? Obviously, local Labour MPs would. They just did.

So come on. Accept your responsibility for once in your lives and see what can be salvaged. This system is broken. You did it, so stop blaming everyone else and you may just gain a little respect and maybe then the system can be fixed.


The Oval