‘Stop rogue landlords’

WITH all the financial constraints burdening the people of this country, how do all these charities expect people to keep up the same level of donations that the charities previously enjoyed?

There is no malice directed at the charities for the good work they do or try to do in the best way they can.

Shouldn’t the government be putting a policy together and pushing it through parliament to stop unscrupulous landlords just in the way they are doing for the NHS later this year?

Private landlords should conform with the rights of tenants to decent living accommodation to the standards of councils who have the better homes logo.

If renovations are not done, then the council that has this rented accommodation within its boundary should have the right to legally take over ownership of these dwellings.

Any renovations should be paid for by the landlord through the legal seizure of all assets at home or abroad that are held by the landlord or partners or members of that trust set up for money to be deposited in.

All landlords who have these actions taken against them, should no longer be allowed to be a landlord or part of a group that owns rented accommodation ever again.

Now will the government put this into law? I think not, even though they pontificate they have the people of this country’s best interest at heart and are listening.

The only people we have all seen this government has listened to and taken to heart is their own top ten per cent.


Little Lane