‘Stop wasting money’ plea

ON Monday February 13, I happened to be having a walk through Pontefract Park.

To my surprise at the rear of the racecourse building were around 30 or so council vehicles (including a mobile buttie wagon) and 100 or so WMDC workers and staff all gathered, would you believe, for a photo shoot.

Yes that’s right, a photograph of all these workers sitting on machines smiling for the camera.

My question is, where were all these machines and workers last week,when the people of Pontefract and district were unable to get around safely for lack of salt and grit?

There is also an issue about the litter bins and dog muck bins, but I will leave that observation for another day.

In a nutshell, WMDC bosses, stop wasting taxpayers’ money on these stupid ideas and spend the money on what it is supposed to be spent on, and not your large egos.


Halfpenny Lane