Suez zone reunion plan

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I WAS stationed in the canal zone of Egypt during the troubles of the 1950s and I know many readers served in those times.

My group will holding a Suez Canal zone-Cairo campaign reunion from September 12 to 21. We will be staying in the canal zone area at a hotel overlooking the Great Bitter Lakes. We will visit Cairo, Ismailia, Moascar, Fayid, Tel-el-Kebir, Fanara and Kasfareet.

We will also be visiting the cemeteries at Fayid, Moascar and Tel-el-Kebir.

During those troubled times we lost over 1,000 service and civilian personnel.

Some readers may like a photo of a loved one or a friend’s grave which I will take for them free of charge.

Also, if any readers who served in those times, or their family, would like to join our group visit, I will send them full details if they contact me.



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