Sylvia joins burglary fight

West Yorkshire Police have appointed academic Sylvia Chenery to develop new ways to deal with crime across the county.

Ms Chenery has more than 20 years experience in the field of criminology and has been appointed to help cut down on burglary across the area.

She said: “Crime prevention isn’t just about an officer turning up at a criminal’s door and making an arrest. It is far more wide ranging than that.

“I am helping the police to think further - to see what different strategies they can use to stay one step ahead of the criminals.”

As part of her clamp down on burglary, Ms Chenery will be speaking to convicted burglars to produce her plans.

She said: “It is better to talk to those ‘in the know’ in order to understand not only why things are happening and why certain targets are selected.”

Ms Chenery will be working as part of Operation Viper which is targeting the most prolific offenders.

Chf Spt Dave Oldroyd said: “Stopping crime before it happens is a vital part of our work and Sylvia’s work will help us stay one step ahead of the criminal.

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