Talent close to home with Dawson’s daughter

Charlotte Dawson
Charlotte Dawson
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ASPIRING actress Charlotte Dawson is hoping to follow in her father’s footsteps after starring in a gritty Yorkshire drama.

The 18-year-old daughter of 70s comedian Les Dawson has been shooting scenes at Featherstone Rovers’ Big Fellas Stadium for Howitzer Film’s ‘black comedy’, Rough and Ready.

But rather than making mother-in-law jokes, the teen is putting her modelling skills to good use in the film, which features a heady mix of bent cops, racial conflict and a home secretary with problems.

Producer Jim Dickinson, said: “Because Charlotte’s scene was a dream sequence we thought, ‘we can do this anywhere’.

“We wanted a good backdrop so we looked for something unique to the area, and Featherstone Rovers did just that. It was a fantastic location.”

The low budget indie flick – due to come out at the end of the year – was partially filmed at the rugby club’s Post Office Road site.

Miss Dawson took time out from her day job as a lingerie model to learn lines for the one day shoot, starring opposite one of the lead actors, Steve Garry.

Mr Dickinson said: “I read an article on Charlotte last year and I thought if she’s going to be a model and based in the north, that’s the kind of person we want in the film.

“She definitely has talent. She got a good part in the film and she stands out. I think she can go on and have a great career.”

Rovers commercial manager and film buff, Paul Taylor, was delighted with the shoot.

He said: “The filming was deemed a success, which is encouraging and gratifying. It tells us and the world there isn’t much we can’t do here.”