Talk on child exploitation

Police bosses have teamed up with a school in Castleford to host a talk child sexual exploitation.

Staff at Castleford Academy will join forces with the Castleford neighbourhood policing team to hold the talk at the school on Tuesday.

The event, which will start at 6pm, is part of West Yorkshire Police’s Know the Signs campaign to encourage parents to be aware of the issue.

Ingrid Lee, temporary assistant chief constable, said: “Students from Airedale Academy recently worked alongside the police to create two short films which highlight how child sexual exploitation can affect both girls and boys.

“We realised there was further opportunity to use this same information but for an audience of parents and carers.”

Elaine Wells, head of pastoral care at Castleford Academy, said it was vital to teach children about sexual exploitation.

She said: “The focus of our evening is on making sure as many parents and carers as possible can recognise the signs of a child at risk of danger so we can work together to keep all our children safe.”

The talk will also include speeches from the Parents Against Child Exploitation organisation.