The weird and wonderful web!

Each week we bring you some weird and wonderful stories from our websites to put a smile on your face at the start of the weekend. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

The real web funny today should be the weather - snow? At the end of March? Seriously?? What the devil happened to spring! So to put a smile back on your cold little faces, here’s the pick of funnies from the web this week.

It’s the poached poacher... Who is behind the mysterious disappearance of Easter eggs in Scotland?

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We’ve had Teeside Tintin, now it’s Smoggy speak from the darkest depths of Middlesbrough. Click here

Are you quite all right, deer? What police presumed to be a brown bread Bambi was anything but.

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What a mess you’re making on the beach, how incredibly shelfish. Ckeck out this for a carpet of crustaceans, it really left sunbathers feeling the pinch.

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And finally - what was this grandfather from Wales’s reward for wrestling a shark away from tots on a beach? The sack, of course! Click here

More next week!