The weird, wonderful web

Hope you enjoyed them as much as we did!

Our Spenbrough Guardian facebook site was filled with tributes this week to a very dear little lady who will be sadly missed by so many. Lacey the donkey lived in a field off the A58 and cheered up hundreds of drivers every day. Sadly she has now died at the grand old age of 26, but tributes to her adorn the gate of her field. { |Click here|Click here}

Where Batley leads, Manchester follows... Months ago the Batley News ran a story about someone who was conned out of several hundred quid when he bought what he thought was an iPad but which turned out to be a bag of spuds. Now it’s happened again! Click here

Yorkshire’s not known for its penguin population, but the first ahhhhhh of the day comes from this new arrival at Harewood House. Altogether now... Click here

Oh deer, what can the matter be? Firefighters were called to rescue a deer stuck on an island in Todmorden. Click here

What an arresting performance! This singing bobby put a smile on shoppers’ faces. Well they need all the help they can get, this is Birmingham after all. Click here

More next week!