There is room for all sorts

I READ with great interest the letter from Brian Lewis about the Hepworth (Express May 5).

The little Englander approach about the builders and materials is, to be fair, most unlike Brian but he is wrong with his comments about senior staff coming from all the way, “across the channel”.

Brian also omits to say that he doesn’t regard Barbara Hepworth as having international eminence and his comments clearly need to be seen in that light.

Brian is a champion of community art and the work he has done in that regard speaks for itself. However that leads him to the conclusion that formal institutions such as the Hepworth or the Nottingham Contemporary are bad. In my view there is a place for both.

Brian says that if ‘only’ 50,000 a year visit the Hepworth it will cause the council a problem. He doesn’t say why. The fact is that the Hepworth will be part of a package that will attract people and business into our district – the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, the National Coal Mining Museum, Wakefield Theatre, Xscape, rugby league, horse racing, Trinity Walk shopping centre and two castles.

What we have to do is to persuade people who shop to dip into our culture and vice versa. That’s the challenge and we need people like Brian to help.



Wakefield Council