Thin blue line is ‘tightening’

THE era of spending cuts and belt tightening seems to be impacting on our public services.

Take the police for example. Unfortunately police officers are becoming like buses, you don’t see one for ages and then they all appear at once. I became acutely aware of this one recent Saturday night when a disturbance developed at the bottom of my street. About ten to 15 ‘well-oiled’ individuals began to knock seven bells out of each other. The police were called and they took about 45 minutes to arrive. During this delay one person was knocked unconscious and three cars were damaged. When the two patrol cars finally arrived the officers said they had to travel from the other side of Wakefield to get to the scene and that there were only six units patrolling Wakefield and Castleford. If this is the state of play now, how bad will it be when the spending cuts really bite?


Lower Cambridge Street