‘Think about residents’

I LOOK out of my window once again to see cars parked any-ware and everywhere on Station Road in Ackworth.

Once again when my partner arrives home from work she will have to park her car halfway down the road.

Do people ever give any thought at all for the residents who live down this road?

All we ask is a little understanding and consideration how we feel regarding parking our own cars.

I understand from some of the residents that this problem has been a long standing one.

The fact that some drivers seem to think they’re in the right, and that they are entitled to park their car wherever they choose is wrong.

Just because its near the local school – do they ever think of the safety of the children? From what I have seen it’s debatable.

So to all the people who park their cars in front of drive ways, and outside people’s homes five days per week, I ask just give a little thought to the residents of Station Road.


Station Road