Think again plea on energy park

AETERNUM Capital proposes to build ‘Castleford Energy Park’ at Wheldon Road (Express, July 5).

It appears they want to bring the waste of half of Yorkshire through town and burn it beside the River Aire.

This area is now an intended housing growth corridor. This looks like another plan to make Castleford a traffic nightmare and rubbish pit of West Yorkshire because lorry loads of waste will come through Aire Street, Bridge Street or Lock Lane to the bottle neck at bridge foot roundabout.

We made all the arguments against this last time someone had such an idea and these still hold.

The Castleford Growth Delivery Plan is out for public consultation. We do want houses and jobs but not at any cost.

There is potential to improve our town and beautiful river corridor for the benefit of us all.

However, if they burn rubbish on the former Hickson’s site they will make toxic pollution as not everything will be disposed of in the process. So will they dump it near the river or the houses?

These ‘recycling plants’ are automated so there won’t be ‘thousands of jobs’ except driving the thousands of lorry loads coming through our town.

We are not gullible enough to believe we’ll get lots of benefits such as green riverside walkways, money for Castleford Tigers or a bypass to the north of town crossing the river two or three times and flying across the railway to the A1 motorway.

We must be vigilant and prepared when we are threatened with proposals like this. We have shown before that we can be a determined and united community and I have no doubt that we will be again if necessary.

May I suggest that Aeternum Capital needs to think again about its proposals for Castleford ‘energy park’?



Glass Houghton