Tigers’ season ‘abysmal’

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I HAVE the misfortune to be a season ticket holder at Castleford Tigers.

After our performance last season I expected great things from our new coach Mr Millward, however this season has been abysmal.

Under Terry Matterson last season Cas were in the top eight all year until the last game of the season and were also in the semi-final of the Challenge Cup.

Mr Millward inherited the same players plus some of his choosing ( almost all of whom have ended up loaned out to Championship clubs) and he has the Tigers on the same points as the bottom clubs. We were knocked out of the Challenge Cup by Featherstone Rovers, I fully expect Cas to be given the wooden spoon.

Mr Millward wanted all new technology, he can now tell you how far each player runs in the game etc but they can’t tackle or score enough points. All our star youngsters are wanting to leave the club with two already signed by Hull FC (Joe Westerman and Joe Arrundel) and Brett Ferris signed by Huddersfield. How the coach can hold his head up when he takes his money each month I do not know.

Mr Millward is quoted as saying ‘don’t judge me on this season’ and ‘this season is a write-off’.

The fans have paid upfront for their season tickets, they do not have the luxury to write the season off.

Will Mr Millward be handing back his salary for this write off season?

The new chief executive has now said there will be no offers on season tickets for next season, the club needs more money. This in reality means the coach has failed in every department in his duty to the club and the fans have to pay for it.

Do these people realise that fans are facing hard economic times and have been paying hard earned money to watch garbage, particularly in recent weeks.

I, like many other Cas fans, am not going to replace my season ticket next year and instead will pick the games to watch and the new chief executive and coach will know who to blame when the attendances drop.

It is a great pity the board at the Tigers does not have the bottle to sack the coach and employ one who has the ability to make players perform to their potential.


Hillcrest Mount