Top dog Joanna helps push team to victory

Joanna Jarjue  (C) Freemantle Media - Photographer: Freemantle Media
Joanna Jarjue (C) Freemantle Media - Photographer: Freemantle Media

Dogged determination saw Joanna Jarjue through to the next round of The Apprentice this week after she helped her team to victory during a canine day-care task.

The candidates on the BBC1 show were challenged to bid for contracts for dog pampering, training and even clearing up after pets.

It looked like 23-year-old Joanna was being hounded out of the show early into the task after she was paired up with Elizabeth McKenna, the series’ most unpopular character.

The pair nearly made a dog’s dinner of the task early on when they promptly lost a contract at a pooch pampering business because of Joanna’s inexperience with the four-legged friends.

Watching closely, Lord Sugar’s sidekick Claude Littner said: “Joanna isn’t even trying to hide the fact that she knows nothing about dogs.

“She would not fill me with confidence.”

But Lupset hopeful Joanna proved to be top dog in the end when her sales of pet products helped her team across the winning line.

And it was a good job her team avoided the dog house with Lord Sugar firing all three candidates brought back into the boardroom from the losing team.

Next week the candidates will be heading for the kitchens to invent a new recipe.