'Totally unacceptable - think again' - You react to parking charges being introduced at Anglers Country Park

The announcement that parking charges will be introduced at Wakefield's Anglers Country Park next month recieved negative reaction from you, our readers.

Thursday, 17th January 2019, 10:34 am
Updated Friday, 18th January 2019, 1:33 am
The new charges come into force next month at Wakefield's Anglers Country Park.

The decision was made following a public consultation that was carried out last year with charges being imposed from Monday, February 11.

They will apply seven days a week, including Bank Holidays and will cost £1 for two hours and £2 for up to four hours. Over four hours will cost people £3.

Disabled parking will remain free providing a Blue Badge is displayed.

It's said that money generated from the car parking charges will be invested into the maintenance and upkeep of the park and also to improve facilities for visitors.

But readers weren't happy with the news.

Philip Watson asked: "Don't we already pay for the upkeep and maintenance of the park? Maintenance and upkeep for public spaces, parks, galleries, theaters, museums, leisure centers and community swimming pools all paid for with Council Tax."

Lins Jackson said: "This will cause cars to park on the roads as there’s no markings and roads are very slim. This is mad. It’s going to cause more problems!"

Clare Carter said: "I won't be visiting anymore. Such a shame. Can't go anywhere or do anything nowadays without being stung. I thought the council were supposed to encourage people to be healthy, to get out on walks, or bike rides etc, and especially with children. This is just another deterrent. And as someone mentioned above, it'll lead to people parking on the thin country lanes and cause major issues. They ruined pugneys when charging for parking, same with Newmillerdam."

Dave Sykes said: "Just another revenue maker for the council toilets cafe free parking and lots of walking what more do we need it's a unjustified scam."

Niall Howick said: "For crying out loud. We can't go anywhere in our beautiful surroundings any more without council/government taking from us. They will charge us for parking on our driveways next."

Dave Waterson added: "Totally unacceptable. Counter productive. It will encourage parking on road side areas on very narrow lanes. The council must think again."

Gary Devonport said: "Let's glorify stinging the locals again. 'It will go to upkeep of the area.” No it won’t."

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