Town mayor needed!

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IN response to the invitation from Joan Starks to comment on the hospital saga (Express, July 7), I reiterate the points I made at the public meetings held in April through to July 2006 in Pontefract and Knottingley over concerns of bed provision at the new proposed Pontefract Hospital.

There are too few beds to meet the needs of the area served by the hospital. We were promised 90 per cent of the services provided at PGI would be retained at the new hospital, including a orthopedic fracture clinic, and told that two wards in the then current hospital would be retained to allow additional bed numbers.

I feel, like many other Pomfretians, to be second class when the mayor of Featherstone has to come and lead the campaign on the hospital case, when the mayor of Normanton comes into Pontefract to carry out official duties as a mayor, when the new memorial garden at the Prince of Wales Hospice receives a memorial plaque from the people of Featherstone but not from Pontefract.

My campaign for a mayor of Pontefract still continues because I consider the town would be richer in civic pride. A mayor would lead on behalf of the people of Pontefract in such campaigns for improvements to health and social care.

I would appeal to Joan Starks to give her support to a civic head elected through a town council and give that civic pride back to this ancient borough of Pontefract.


Ferrybridge Road