Town needs more money

I WISH to make reference to Coun Jeffery’s letter (Express September 20).

It is intensely pleasing to know that at last improvements are to be made with money from the regeneration fund.

The town centre and the medieval yards could certainly do with much-needed improvement.

For several years, or some would say many years, little or no money has been spent on Pontefract town centre. Bearing in mind that five years have passed since the inception of the masterplan.

There are more than 13,000 dwellings in and around Pontefract, approximately one tenth of the total in the Wakefield Council area.

Assuming the average council tax is £1,000 annually, this adds up to £13m.

This does not include all the business rates and the subsidy from central government, both of which are more than considerable. Probably more than the council tax in total.

Approximately one tenth of the council budget is allocated for regeneration by Wakefield Council. This on council tax alone for Pontefract is £1.3m.

That is what we should be rightfully getting spent annually on the town.

Perhaps Coun Jeffery could enlighten us? Was that money spent last year and the year before on Pontefract? Will it be spent this year?

Not forgetting of course that the fire station move was financed by the sale of the two old fire stations and the Town End proposals will be funded from central government.


Stonegate Drive