Town ‘needs to update its image’

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PONTEFRACT needs to update its image and to celebrate the fact it is an historical market town.

It has its own castle, racecourse and liquorice factories and a park.

These are important attractions and bring visitors and attract attention to the town.

Visual reminders, such as placards and images along all the main routes into and out of Pontefract, could be advantageous.

One idea would be to paint all the hundreds and hundreds of metal railings, lamposts lining all the routes into and out of Pontefract and to have them painted representing all the colours of liquorice allsorts and Haribo confectionery.

Blues, pinks, yellow, white and black and so on.

This would be ideal for advertising and promoting the liquorice festival all year round.

Benches, seats, lamposts painted in all these colours would definitely brighten up Pontefract town.

The roundabouts throughout the town should also advertise these attractions and the town centre would lend itself more to an olde world historical market place, similar to Knaresborough town centre, not forgetting we also have the history of the castle.