Travellers set up camp in Fryston

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Travellers have set up camp on land in Fryston.

A group of around 20 caravans were evicted from land just off Wheldon Road, near Castleford Tigers’ rugby ground, on Sunday, September 21.

But they have now moved to land near the junction of Fryston Road and Wheldon Road.

Glynn Humphries, service director for environment and street scene at Wakefield Council, said: “As soon as possible we began work with partner agencies to co-ordinate an eviction and obtained a court order. “The travellers moved but then set up a new camp a short distance away. Unfortunately, the law only enables us to include in the court order the land where the unauthorised encampment is and any adjacent or adjoining land.

“We are now taking further legal action and will do all we can within our powers to evict the travellers as quickly as possible.”