Trespassing travellers?

In regards to the recent report on a planning request to set up a travellers’ site at Walton near Wakefield – I think that the residents of Walton were right to protest. Unless the person who submitted the application has acquired ownership of the green space, isn’t he committing an illegality?

Travellers have already set up at Wakefield Heath, Castleford’s Wheldon Road, Monk Fryston and have a permanent site in Pollington, near Goole. No point has been made in the press or on TV about the fact that travellers are getting away with trespassing by parking up in West Yorkshire without any permission to do so. Travellers have been booted out of Essex and parts of Oxfordshire in the past 12 months so why are they being allowed to come here and trespass? They are putting pressure on Leeds and Wakefield Councils, as well as tax payers.


Andrews Road