Tribute to sportsman

I WAS very sorry to learn of the early death of one of the finest amateur sportsmen ever to come from Castleford.

David Perrin was known for many miles around the town, not just for his outstanding talent on cricket fields where he was a very good spin bowler, a hard-hitting batsman and an amazing fielder.

Forty years ago, playing for Yorkshire Copper Works (YCW) against Ackworth in the Pontefract Section of Yorkshire Council, he equalled a world record by holding seven catches ‘in the field’.

He was also an excellent soccer goalkeeper and good at every sport he tackled.

After moving to Falmouth, he became South of England Champion bowler, on a ‘green’ not a cricket field. I have a personal memory, on one of the few times I was chosen for YCW 1st Xl going in to join David at Glass Houghton as a tail-ender.

Three balls to face from a young fast bowler, three fast straight half-volleys all of which I sent back over his head for fours. At the end of the over, David came down the pitch, telling me “Don’t try that with ‘Cocky’ – Peter Cockcroft being a star spinner.

Ignoring his advice, I swung, got an edge and another boundary, the next ball looked the same, but my brief innings was brought to a crashing close. I’ll not forget the smile on David’s face as I walked past him on my way to the pavilion.

David Perrin was amazingly talented at every sport, but will be remembered far and wide for the way in which he played the game. A true sportsman.


Woolgreaves Drive